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Foreign Affairs

International Analysis and Geopolitical Analysis

This section primarily concerns matters of foreign affairs such as diplomacy, war, international law, and foreign events.

International Flags
Domestic Issues

Up-to-date coverage of U.S. political and policy developments

Our Domestic Issues section discusses U.S. policy, development, and updates, often from a technical or political perspective. 

Campus Affairs

Opinions and Information about American University

Our Campus Affairs section features opinion pieces on contemporary events and developments at American University such as Student Government updates, Housing and Residence life concerns, Dining, Clubs and more.

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Detailed, technical, and researched economic and monetary articles

This section contains articles that pertain to economics and finance. This includes financial technology, corporate law, monetary policy, and economic events and developments.

Ancient Coins

Bored, opinionated, and looking for something to do?

Look no further! The American Agora application is open for administrative, writing, and editing positions. See our openings below.

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