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Letters to the Editor

We want to hear feedback from the campus community! If you have thoughts about an article we posted or a topic we covered, feel free to write a letter to the Editor-In-Chief for publication on our site. You can criticize an argument made by one of the authors, or offer a new perspective on some of the issues brought up in an article. You can even write a wholly original article detailing a position or belief you hold (if you want to do this regularly, we suggest you apply to be a Guest Contributor or join the club outright).

To submit a letter to the Editor-in-Chief, you must do the following:

  • Write your letter in a Google Doc. Include your name, major, and year (i.e., freshman, junior, etc), a title for the article, and a 1-2 sentence summary of your letter for the subheading. If you do not include all this information, we will reject your letter.

  • If you reference any news events, data points, or specific pieces of evidence, include hyperlinks to the sources in the text, similar to how Agora articles do. If you do not cite your sources, we will reject your letter.

  • Set the sharing permissions of the Google Doc to ANYONE ON THE INTERNET WITH THE LINK CAN EDIT. If you set it to view only, or set it to anyone with an AU email address, we will reject your letter.

  • Draft an email to with the Google Doc attached.

  • In the subject line, include the phrase "LETTER TO THE EDITOR" in all-caps.

  • Send the email and wait for us to review your letter for publication.

We will attempt to process your letter within two weeks. Our editing team may make minor changes to correct grammar, spelling, and syntax, but we will try to keep the submission as close to the original as possible. We will generally accept most submissions, but the Editor-In-Chief reserves the right to refuse publication of letters for any reason.

NOTE: We do not accept articles from external organizations or people unaffiliated with American University. Please do not send unsolicited requests to publish material unless you are an AU student.

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