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Fall 2023—Spring 2024 Masthead

We are always looking for new members for our team. No matter what you're interested in, we want you to apply for a position! We accept people on a rolling basis during the academic year and accept people from all ends of the ideological spectrum. You can learn more about the club by attending a meeting before deciding to apply to The Agora.

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Aiden Kaplan


Aiden Kaplan is a third-year Journalism and Cinema student and the host of the American Agora podcast: Discoursed. His hobbies include preparing for Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPG), playing TTRPGs, thinking about TTRPGs, and forgetting to watch the movies and TV shows people recommend to him.


Kim Kraska

Director of Administration

Kimberly Kraska is a third-year American University student from New Jersey. She is majoring in CLEG (Comm., Legal Insti. Econ., and Govt.) and Environmental Studies with aspirations for a career in the political or legal field. Kim is passionate about environmental policy and women's issues. In her spare time, she loves bike riding, playing volleyball, and debating. 


Julia Comino

Director of Human Resources

Julia Comino is a third-year student at AU studying Political Science and Journalism. Julia is invested in domestic and international affairs but specifically focuses on climate justice, women’s rights issues, and reporting on news within the American South.


Simran Thakkar

Director of Communication

Simran Thakkar is a third-year student, double majoring in Political Science and Public Relations and Strategic Communication. Simran is from Burtonsville, Maryland and is extremely passionate about progressive politics and the Dallas Cowboys. 


Alex Moskovitz

Managing Editor

Alex is a thrid-year Data Sciences for Political Science major from Central New Jersey. He swears he’s writing an article definitely proving its existence, but we’re beginning to doubt that. Alex is a liberal who focuses on economic policy. Aside from writing, Alex enjoys reading reports from his favorite think tanks while exercising.

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Mridul Prasad

Director of Growth

As a second-year CLEG major at American University, Mridul enjoys immersing himself with a diverse range of subjects – ranging from economics, law, and politics. Contributing to the Agora as a staff writer, he is open to adding meaningful discourse to U.S foreign policy, macroeconomic strategies, criminal justice reform, domestic energy, and philosophy. If you ever catch Mridul taking a break from geeking out over current affairs, you can find him on a basketball court, track field, or indulging in absolute world class gourmet– a chipotle rice bowl with an extra side of guac.


Claire McCafferty

Managing Editor & Staff Writer

Claire McCafferty is a second-year student at American University from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, majoring in Political Science. She enjoys writing about domestic policy, election strategy and the ethical implications of political theory. In her free time, she can be found dancing, reading, wandering or working on her embodiment of Woodward and Bernstein. 


Ella Lane

Deputy Editor and Staff Writer

Ella Lane is a Chicagoan and a third-year at American University majoring in political science. She is a progressive, and enjoys writing about domestic policy and constitutional interpretation. In her free time, Ella likes to exercise, read historical fiction, and spend way too much time playing Minecraft.


Anna Huener

Staff Writer

Anna Huener is a third-year from Burlington, Vermont. She is majoring in Political Science with a focus on comparative politics. She is interested in political theory, history, foreign relations, and literature. In her free time, she reads (theory and fiction), hikes, goes museum-hopping, and plays ultimate frisbee for AU's club team, the Dirty Ladies!


Mathias Mulugeta

Staff Writer

Mathias Mulugeta is a first year student from Silver Spring, Maryland. He is majoring in International Relations in the School of International Service. Some topics he's interested in writing about are foreign affairs, global economics, and the role of identity regarding intergroup conflicts. He likes to practice taekwondo, try new foods, and travel.


Charles Rabon

Staff Writer

Charles Rabon is a first-year student from Charlotte, North Carolina. He studies International Relations- and spent his first semester abroad in Madrid. Charles is passionate about traveling, progressive policy, and supporting bad sports teams (Panthers and Hornets). Charles contributes to the Agora with a focus on African and European affairs. 

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