Fall 2022—Spring 2023 Masthead

We are always looking for new members for our team. If you are interested in politics and policy, economics, campus affairs, international relations, or pop culture, or you want to work on media and podcasts, you can apply for a position here. We accept people on a rolling basis during the academic year, and we accept people from all ends of the ideological spectrum. You can also attend our weekly meetings before you apply to get a sense of our club.


Kevin Sciackitano


Kevin Sciackitano is a fourth-year at American University majoring in Economics and minoring in Finance. An Illinois native and democratic socialist, he writes mostly about macroeconomic policy and reforming our political-economy. Outside of the Agora, he listens to music that's pretty indie, pretty undergound (you've probably never heard of it), plays guitar, and DJs for WVAU college radio.


Benjamin Mermel

Director of Administration

Ben Mermel is a native of Central Jersey, which is a place he vehemently swears actually exists. He is a senior, majoring in Political Science and Legal Studies and he is interested in studying law after he graduates. His favorite TV show at the moment is The Expanse on Amazon Prime Video.


David Leshchiner

Managing Editor

David Leshchiner is a senior majoring in International Studies and Data Science. At the Agora he is the editor of foreign affairs, writing articles ranging from political philosophy to post colonial independence movements in Oceania. His political beliefs greatly vary from issue to issue but fall around the center left. He is interested in public policy, grand strategy, and all sorts of history. In his free time, he likes to play racket sports, listen to podcasts, and rave about board games.


Anna Hickey

Managing Editor

Anna Hickey is a fourth-year student at American University majoring in CLEG (Comm., Legal Inst., Econ., Govt.) and minoring in International Studies. They are a progressive who writes about domestic and campus affairs. Anna mostly focuses on critiquing structural electoral and political issues that they view as stifling the democratic process. In their free time, Anna likes to play Dungeons and Dragons, cooking, and doom scrolling Twitter. 


Meagan Keefe

Managing Editor

Meagan Keefe is a fourth-year Public Relations and Strategic Communications major with a minor in Political Science. At the Agora she is Editor of Campus Affairs, and her writing focuses mainly in the realms of campus and domestic affairs, with particular interest in civil rights of all sectors. Outside of the Agora, Meagan is an avid lover of her home state, Vermont, a self-proclaimed foodie, and lover of NPR. 


Alex Moskovitz

Managing Editor

Alex is a second-year CLEG (Comm., Legal Inst., Econ., Govt.) major from Central New Jersey. He swears he’s writing an article definitively proving its existence, but we’re beginning to doubt that. Alex is a liberal who focuses on domestic affairs. Aside from writing, Alex loves reading reports from his favorite think tanks and taking care of his dorm plants.    


Kimberly Kraska

Deputy Editor

Kimberly Kraska is a first-year American University student from New Jersey. She is majoring in CLEG (Comm., Legal Insti. Econ., and Govt.) with aspirations for a career in the political or legal field. Kim is passionate about environmental policy and women's issues. In her spare time, she loves bike riding, playing volleyball, and debating. 

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Aiden Kaplan

Deputy Editor and Podcast Host

Aiden Kaplan is a 3rd year Journalism and Cinema student and the host of the American Agora podcast: Discoursed. His hobbies include preparing for Dungeons & Dragons, playing Dungeons & Dragons, thinking about Dungeons & Dragons, and forgetting to watch the movies and TV shows people recommend to him. 

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Caden Umansky

Staff Writer, Foreign Affairs

Caden Umansky is a second year International Studies Major with a planned minor in history. He was born and raised in San Diego, California. Caden’s main interests include foreign affairs and history. He writes mostly about Foreign affairs and the way the American Government should or shouldn't be involved.


Jack DiPrimio

Staff Writer, Domestic Affairs

Jack is a sophomore studying political science focused on covering current events and pop culture. Jack is also involved a a member of the club swim team, Residence Hall Association, AU College Dems, and student government. His favorite spot to study on campus is a secret and he won’t be telling you. 

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Molly Dugdale

Staff Writer, Domestic Affairs

Molly is a sophomore in the School of Public Affairs studying Political Science. She is proud to be from Boulder, Colorado. She is interested in both foreign and domestic affairs, and in her free time she likes to thrift shop, read, and listen to music. 

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Emily Ahern

Staff Writer, Domestic Affairs

Emily Ahern is a second-year Political Science major with a minor in Musical Theatre from Allentown, Pennsylvania. She is a socialist who is very interested in domestic affairs, especially labor politics. In her free time, she loves thrifting, hiking, and art of any medium.


James Robson

Staff Writer, Foreign Affairs

James is a third-year CLEG major with a minor in International Studies. A U.S. and U.K. dual citizen, James enjoys writing about human rights and democracy around the world. After university, he hopes to study International Law. 

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Meera Sehgal

Staff Writer, Foreign Affairs

Meera Sehgal is a second-year Political Science and Communications double-major from the California Bay Area. Meera is involved in the AU Student Government Women's Initiative, the Kennedy Political Union, and School of Public Affairs Undergraduate Council. She is interested in both domestic and global policy. In her free time, she can be found getting lost down rabbit holes of a niche geopolitical affairs.


Julia Comino

Staff Writer, Domestic Affairs

Julia Comino is a second-year student at AU studying Political Science and Journalism. Julia is invested in domestic and international affairs but specifically focuses on climate justice, women’s rights issues, and reporting on news within the American South.


Ella Lane

Staff Writer, Domestic Affairs

Ella Lane is a Chicagoan and a second-year at American University majoring in political science. She is a progressive, and enjoys writing about domestic policy and constitutional interpretation. In her free time, Ella likes to exercise, read historical fiction, and spend way too much time playing Minecraft.


Sai Velaga

Associate Director of Human Resources

Sai Velaga is a third-year student studying Business Administration with a specialization in Finance. She is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. Her love for supporting the voices of others led her to the American Agora. She is the Associate Director of Human Resources at the Agora. If you need anything related to Administrative or Code of Conduct questions then Sai’s the person to go to. In her free time, Sai enjoys going to her local pilates studio or looking for the best smoothie place.


Jackson Dietz

Associate Director of Operations

Jackson Dietz is a second-Year in the School of Public Affairs where he studies Justice and Law. Jackson is passionate about national security and enjoys reading and writing about military technology, artificial intelligence, Intelligence Community Enterprise Reform, and Southeast Asian conflict resolution. Along with serving with the Agora, Jackson works as Programming Director for the School of Public Affairs Undergraduate Council and as Administration and Events Coordinator for the American University Political Review Magazine.


Christopher Cao

Associate Director of Public Relations

Chris is a second-year student who majors in International Relations at American University. With no political affiliation, Chris is strictly independent and will tout that affiliation with no affiliation is the best affiliation. He has passions in both foreign affairs, domestic politics, and anything with public speaking. In his free time, you can find him fishing, ranting about his Baltimore Ravens, or attempting a PR at the gym.  


Lauren Bain

Social Media Coordinator

Lauren is a second-year student at AU studying CLEG coming from A Small Town 15 Minutes Outside Boston™. When not in class, you can usually find her studying with her friends on the third floor of the library, cafe-hunting in Georgetown, or working on her latest crochet project. Her guilty pleasure is social media stalking (fitting for the title of her job) and Criminal Minds, obviously. She hopes to study public administration or law after she graduates and save enough money for her lengthy travel list.

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 Linh Thao Huynh

Associate Director of Finance

Thao is a senior double majoring in Economics and Data Science. Born in Saigon, Vietnam, she now splits her time between the US and Vietnam. Her interests in accounting stemmed from an elective and she hopes to pursue a CPA post-undergrad.