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Trump Picks Bolton: US Braces For What Comes Next

Less than two weeks ago, President Trump removed Gen. H. R. McMaster from his position as National Security Advisor and replaced him with former UN Ambassador John Bolton. Bolton served under the Bush Administration where he was a leading cheerleader for the Iraq War, an advocate for the “Axis of Evil” worldview, and proponent of military force over diplomacy.

Whether labeled as "neoconservative" or "warmonger," John Bolton represents a significant shift in the Trump administration. Despite campaigning on the populist notions of withdrawal from foreign entanglements and unnecessary wars, Trump has felt the gravitational pull of the hawkish wing of the conservative movement. The appointment of John Bolton solidifies that evolution.

Having John Bolton as National Security Advisor at this time in our history is a massive risk. The National Security Advisor has an office in the West Wing and is in charge of shaping foreign policy options for the President to consider. Today the United States deals with three major foreign policy issues, among a myriad of others: the Iran nuclear deal, the conflict in Syria, and the North Korean nuclear program. On all three of these crises, considering John Bolton's ideas is like throwing kerosene on a fire.

On Iran, Bolton has repeatedly advocated war since his days in the Bush Administration. Most recently, Bolton wrote