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The Scallop Wars

The twentieth century saw destruction on a scale incomprehensible to anyone. No man, past or present, could ever fully understand the horrors of what occurred. The concentration camps, gulags, genocides, starvation, and utter, brutal, terrible wars that raged like a plague destroyed humanity. In particular, European countries realized something. These atrocities were so great that they could not permit this to happen again. The EU was erected as a structure to prevent what for the past millennium had been a war every eight years. One can point out the past failures of this superstructure, but, as a Cyprian friend recently told me, it is the (perceived) singular bastion of hope for Europe.

The failures occurring in the recent past of the EU somehow failed to topple the tower. However, I strongly believe the ivory tower of justice residing in Brussels is finally beginning the truly fray. This decay can be seen as parties who want their country to leave the EU are gaining power in politics. UKIP and Sweden Democrats are at the forefront of these movements. The mass unregulated migration into Europe has