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Amidst Rising U.S. College Assault Reports, A.U. Unprepared to Help Rape Survivors

“One in four women will be sexually assaulted in college” is a fairly well-known statistic, particularly amongst female college students. While the prevalence of sexual assault permeates universities across the U.S., the inability of administrations to respond is widespread. American University is particularly dysfunctional in addressing Title IX cases, with the most federal investigations in progress of any university in the nation. Many have been quick to claim that this may simply be an indication of the open and accepting culture fostered at A.U., but a much more sinister reason is at play. A high number of cases, sadly but simply, means that there are a large number of instances of students being sexually assaulted. These five open federal investigations alone demonstrate the school’s failure to sufficiently address sexual assault victims. Earlier this year, I experienced the tumultuous, exhausting, and dysfunctional mechanisms set in place for survivors as I help