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The Colorado Senate Race Could Change the Balance of Congress

Colorado’s close and contentious race between Democrat Michael Bennet and Republican Joe O’Dea could determine which party controls the United States Senate. As both candidates appeal to moderate voters, it remains uncertain whether Colorado will choose the liberal incumbent or the moderate Republican.


In recent elections, the state of Colorado has favored Democratic candidates – Hillary Clinton won the state in the 2016 presidential election and Joe Biden won the state in 2020. Despite this, Colorado is notoriously purple, and the 2022 Senate race could reinstate Colorado’s former place among the swing states. With the political make-up of the United States Senate hanging in the balance – currently the Senate is split evenly between 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans – Colorado’s tight race between the Democratic incumbent Senator Michael Bennet and the republican candidate Joe O’Dea could have a profound impact on which party controls the U.S. Senate.